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The pair offered the Pena Gomez campaign an immediate $50,000 and said $250,000 more would be forthcoming each month if Mr. Pena Gomez, once elected, would agree to let five planeloads of drugs land unobstructed. Such an agreement is already in place with Dominican military and police authorities, they said, urging Mr. Pena Gomez and his aides to check the authenticity of their claim with the officials involved.

One of his New York representatives later met the drug agents at an office at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, but Mr. Pena Gomez eventually rejected the overture, and shortly afterward, he sent a letter of protest to President Clinton. American suspicions are again aroused, however, when, just days after Mr. Pena Gomez won the first round of the election and declared himself ''virtually president,'' several of his party members are detained and a shipment of 778 pounds of cocaine seized, according to Dominican officials."

Almost at the same time I pulled over on South Broad St in Philadelphia reading the Sunday Times I get a call from Flash.

"G Man called"

"Yeah? Long time, since we heard from him. He said they killed Pena Gomez and he hung up."


"I checked on the internet, Pena Gomez died today from an alleged pulmonary embolism."

"Are you shitting me?"

"No, Spark, they did him, man. You know he was going to say something."

"Shit, one hell of a coincidence."

"You know the little general is reading a book on assassinations in headquarters."  

"You mean our National Guard personnel?"    

"Let me hit him up, stay on the three-way."

"Yo, General. Did you ever hear of anybody from that three letter agency whacking anybody by giving them an embolism?"

"Hell, yeah, there's a book by Richard Camellion, called Assassination: Theory and Practice (Paladin Press, 1977) describing a form of refined cyanide that can cause or appear to cause embolism."

"Why, are you guys getting whacked?" chuckling.

"No, but our PRD investigation may have just been closed

with extreme prejudice." Red Beating Heart

Assasination Techniques

Pena Gomez Died of pulmonary embolism even though he had cancer.